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Eight years in a row, no external FA... ○ SK`s withdrawal from the market and calm Incheon

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There was no record of blood transfusion in the free agent market this year. For the eighth straight year, it is the longest of any team in the league. Maybe because I'm used to it. Despite another withdrawal, the atmosphere at SK was relatively calm for the reporter to feel.

Kia officially announced its contract with FA infielder Kim Sun-bin on Wednesday. The guarantee, including contract and annual salary, totaled 3.4 billion won and 600 million won in options. With this, LG, Lotte and Kia, which were the three biggest players in the FA market, have all concluded their contracts. An Chi-hong chose to transfer and the other two players chose to stay.

Kim Sun-bin’s contract meant an official withdrawal from SK’s FA market. SK officials seemed to be anticipating this situation to some extent. So far, it has been said, "It is true to say that we have officially withdrawn from the market," but now it is said to be "all over." SK's signing of an outside FA is the last of its kind in 2012. There was no addition to this list.

SK is not a team that has not spent money on the FA market. The team has invested a lot of money in the internal FA. Last year alone, Choi and Lee poured a total of 17.5 billion won into Choi Jeong and Lee Jae-won. Before 2017, 메이저놀이터 he signed with Kim Kwang-hyun for four years and 8.5 billion won. In addition, the majority of internal FAs were treated relatively well. So this year may have been more of an opportunity. This year, there were no big internal FAs, and there were players on the outside who would make up for SK's weakness. The team’s annual salary had begun to be gradually emptied.

It is not that he was not interested in outside resources like last year or the year before. In this sense, it is too much to call it "FA passing." Outside players kept an eye on the situation, and they kept turning the radar. There was no point in speculating that SK might break into any cracks. Kim Sun-bin, who remains until the last minute, also went through close examination early. This is why SK has not officially announced its withdrawal.

However, not all three times led to active moves or offers that would sway the player. As time went by, watching the situation, the power was forced to continue to fall. The scene moved conservatively. Starting with Canberra’s promising players’ camp, the team drew a blueprint for next year’s power without any outside blood. Some inside the club also had a "surprise" outlook, but the conclusion was "reversely."

The fans' criticism is strong. He said he lost the chance to reinforce the power. The situation makes sense. It is rare for three high-level resources to be available on the actual infield center line. Things are worse next year than this year, and Kim Ha-sung, the biggest language in the next two years, may go to Major League Baseball. In addition, the team lost two ace cards. I had to fill something in. The club also does not deny such an opinion.

This year, however, it may be right to assume that even the club had different ideals and realities. Obviously, it was not claiming that "our nurturing stance is right." With fans' patience at the bottom, it is a mistake to see the patience of those who have to live on it as a saint. Still, it was the 2020 FA market that looked close to an inevitable compromise.

With perhaps the most convenient way of recruiting outside gone, outside reinforcement has not been easy. Trade cannot be easy at a time when all the weaknesses have-nots have been revealed. Now, each club's power composition is almost complete. You have to wait until something happens. Even if it wants to, it is highly likely that it has sunk below the surface for the time being.

With such a lonely exit from the outside reinforcement market, 사설토토 SK now has to fill its weaknesses with internal resources. Otherwise, this winter's passive attitude will remain as a mouthpiece. They say there are potential resources, but it was the same last year, the year before, and even before. Hope and anxiety continue together. So, Incheon on the 14th seemed more calm in a double sense. At the end of 2020, SK must make any reassessment surrounding this winter.



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